Why Silverstein Law

Family law disputes cause emotional and financial turmoil. Mr. Silverstein believes that the goal of representing a client in family law matters is to achieve a reasonable, prompt and cost effective resolution of disputes to end the turmoil. This allows his clients to move forward in the conduct of their affairs while minimizing the likelihood that an adverse legal consequence of the resolution will impair or obstruct future plans of his clients.

Mr. Silverstein believes that the longer a family law dispute remains unresolved, clients and families are more likely to experience emotional and financial turmoil.  Mr. Silverstein counsels his clients to chart a course to end the turmoil and devote their resources to the things that matter most.

To obtain these results, Mr. Silverstein counsels clients to place their disputes in context and re-establish their priorities using a forward looking, positive approach. He asks clients to use their dispute as a learning opportunity, to take the good with them, leave the bad behind and to make a new, workable plan for the future. Mr. Silverstein helps clients to establish reasonable goals and implement a comprehensive plan to achieve and sustain the goals. Andrew is solidly committed to providing effective, dedicated service and attention to detail utilizing the dispute resolution method appropriate to the needs of the client whether through direct settlement, mediation or through effective and judicious use of the Court system.


Mr. Silverstein is passionate about his role as legal counselor and trusted advocate. Mr. Silverstein will always place client needs first.  As an added benefit of his experience representing clients in family law disputes, Mr. Silverstein emphasizes the need for clients to obtain assistance where appropriate from mental health and financial professionals resulting in all aspects of client needs being met. Mr. Silverstein works with each client to make sure that their interests are protected and their voice is heard.

Andrew Silverstein is committed to the goal of adding value to the client in every matter in which Mr. Silverstein is engaged by providing legal representation tailored to the needs of each client in the resolution of disputed issues. If Mr. Silverstein believes this cannot be done, he will not accept the case. Mr. Silverstein believes that a family law attorney's services must make economic sense and deliver value to achieve a doable and durable resolution of the dispute.

Andrew M. Silverstein Law Office has a distinct advantage in its size. Mr. Silverstein is fiercely independent.  Mr. Silverstein professional mission is to respond to the needs of his clients, to adhere to the highest level of professionalism and to the promote the integrity of the judicial system.  Mr. Silverstein is a solo practitioner who handles every court appearance for each of his clients, Mr. Silverstein's diligence and knowledge of client cases down to the smallest detail produce highly effective and cost effective representation for each client. Each client receives copies of all documents generated in their case, together with detailed and frequent updates through all modes of correspondence.

Through his 25 years of legal experience, Andrew has developed a solid reputation as an expert problem solver within the Minnesota legal community. Because of his knowledge of the Minnesota Family Court System, Child Support Collection Agency, Family Court Services, Attorneys and other professionals, Andrew M. Silverstein is able to put together an effective plan to bring about the practical, fair and cost-efficient resolution of a wide variety of family law disputes whether in consultation, negotiation, mediation, trial, on appeal, in negotiation and consultation.